28 août 2003

Kill the Cat




27 août 2003


"Three elements or, if you like, three fundamental principles constitute the essential conditions of all human development, collective or individual, in history: (1) human animality; (2) thought; and (3) rebellion. To the first property corresponds social and private economy; to the second, science; to the third, liberty."

be-bop euh...loula

Racism: fear for the difference. Somebody/something different may be a threat => animal reaction of mistrust, then rejection. Antagonist with the human pulsion of searching for something new and going always beyond.
Hate is easier than Love. Search for the minimal effort.

26 août 2003

Forbidden to minors (a tribute to Les Nuls)

Him: "Do you want some whisky?"
Her: "Just a finger"
Him: " Don't you prefer a whisky first?"

Les Racines du Mal

I don't know if this book (apprx. translation: The Roots of Evil) will be translated one day. I hope so. This book, written by Maurice G. Dantec, is a pure diamond. With deep and dark reflections. A mix of Sci-Fi, police investigation and philosophical disgressions.
Note: not safe for sensitive people.

Ouap bap bula a' wap bem boum.

Half of Africa is starving
The Middle East blows itself
Planet Earth becomes everyday a bigger junkyard
I'm at home watching the TV.

25 août 2003

Dem Kriege

Whatever their evolution, men can't stop to kill each others. Is that an autodestruction sequence in our genes?