10 mars 2016

And now what?


Spent fifteen years 
Getting loaded
Fifteen years 'till his liver exploded
Now what's Bob gonna do 
Now that he can't drink?

The doctor said, 
"What you been thinkin' 'bout?"
Bob said "That's the point
I won't think about nothing
Now I gotta do something else"

Oï Oï Oï!

To pass the time
Bob shaved his head
He got a new identity
Sixty-two holed air cushioned boots
And a girl who rides a scooter
Gonna take him out
Of town
They would get away
Riding around
As the trucks drive by
You could here the 'mother fuckers!' go

A couple of lines
An extra thermos of Joe
He'll be kickin' in heads at the punk rock show, yeah
Bob's the kinda guy who knows just what
Bob's the kinda guy who knows just what to do
When the doctor tells him to
"Quit your drinkin', now's the time"
Will he ever walk the line

To all my friends, I feel just great
But will he ever walk the line
Kickin' ass and bustin' heads
Red suspenders
Once a day he shaves his head
But will he ever walk the line?

Will he ever walk the line?
Will he ever walk the line?
Will he ever walk the line?
Oh will he ever walk the line? 

NoFX - Bob

11 janvier 2016

Bonjour les petits enfants!

All the way from Palm Springs
Just out of detox
Show him a warm welcome
Let's get some applause

Greetings all, hello
Welcome to my show
I'm sure you'll have fun
Watching me juggle
8 balls at one time
I'm no fucking mime
I play practical jokes
This squirting flower
That wasn't flour
That blew up your nose
It's my special blend
Of Ex, Coke and K
You should be okay
In several hours

He's got oversized shoes
And ill fitting clothes
That is real blood dripping 
From his fake red nose

I'm Cokie the Clown
I will trip you down
Those 12 giant steps
I brought you all presents
Against good judgment
But being a good host
You all have been dosed
The kettle corn’s been laced
The fudge has been lined
You're having a great time
But you might not recall
From rohypnol
In the lemonade
Cokie homemade

He's the happiest clown
With the biggest frown
He's Cokie the Clown

NoFX - Cokie the Clown